Everyone’s favourite jelly shoe makers Melissa team up with Rombaut to launch two new footwear styles. Fully vegan.

Both brands, known for their innovative and sustainable practices, fuse together their iconic shoes – the Possession and the covetable Boccaccio.

Melissa’s signature style the Possession was originally launched in the 90s and instantly changed the shoe game. Offering cute, nostalgic designs with environmentally-friendly values. The footwear brand used solely vegan materials, and plant-based leathers and recycled fibres. An initiative seen in Melissa’s scheme of recycling people’s old/worn shoes into new ones.

These core values align effortlessly with Rombaut’s. Mats Rombaut, founder of Rombaut stated. “Our brand is vegan and takes sustainability seriously, our collaborations need to have meaning and set a good example on how to make things better. It took a long time for me to do a collaboration with Rombaut because it’s hard to find big brands that have similar values.

When discussing the inspiration behind the melting version of the classic Boccaccio shoe, Rombaut added “Rombaut is all about doing things better and looking for future solutions. With temperatures rising around the globe, I wanted to bring attention to this by having our signature sneaker style – the Boccaccio – literally melting.”

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