Set against the scenic backdrop of Ibiza, Marcelo Burlon takes inspiration from Baz Lurman’s cult classic Romeo + Juliet, alongside modern on-the-run flicks such as Springbreakers, when unveiling his Spring/Summer 21 collection.

The story behind the video and photo series centres around the idea of breaking free and exploring uncharted lands. The boys in the series, both young and bored, seek excitement. The destination is quite unknown but the thrill and adventure of the road trip is guaranteed.

The fashion itself takes a refined approach to streetwear. Bright colourful prints signal the approaching summer. Baggy, pleated trousers are paired with folk print shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets to give an effortless sense of style.

The director of the short film, Tommaso Ottomano is a self-taught director. He writes: “A year ago I bought a pair of glasses with violet lenses at a market. From that day on I started to color my videos by turning the colour of the sky and skin tones to the same magenta tones I see through my glasses. My style is deeply influenced by music and sound, so I always personally take care of the sound design part of my works”. Each of his works is characterized by this desire to experiment and create a unique, original and organic universe.

Photographer Francis Delacroix adds “Photography for me it’s not a technical showdown, but a way to show, express, and describe something. I may be styleless, but stay assured that my life or my models are not”.

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