JW Anderson reveals his second collaborative collection with Moncler Genius,  1 Moncler JW Anderson – A Nomadic Voyage. 

It’s time to take a voyage to the high seas, or perhaps a nostalgic stroll to the quintessential British coast with the new offerings from Moncler Genius. Jonathan Anderson’s Spring Summer 21 Moncler Genius collection heralds not only a typically adventurous take on Moncler’s classic silhouettes, but also a vision for a dreamy and transient life at sea. The collection is characterised by a symbolic figure who dreams of no fixed state, and knows that the only destination is the here and now.

Jonathan Anderson walks the fine line between the straightforward and the abstract. His work stems from a genuine appreciation of craft, the natural world and the act of making, twisted upside down in a vision that is playfully unpredictable. In this collection, his second for Moncler Genius, Anderson explores both his own British roots and the roots of the JW Anderson brand, giving a Moncler spin to JW Anderson archive pieces all the while delivering an interpretation of nomadic characters rooted in an idea of adventure. The technicality of Moncler gets an adventurous twist.