Made In Chelsea’s Joshua ‘JP’ Patterson shows us what he wears when training! We love it and so will you!

Okay now, that’s about enough with the reeling from New Year’s celebrations. There’s no time to sit around anymore or complain to Sandra at work about how tired you are. It’s crunch time, so either shape up or ship out!

We’re all guilty of taking forever  to go to the gym because we don’t know what to wear to the gym (we see you shaking your head but you know it’s true). Thankfully, Burton have created the perfect collection to satisfy our sartorial needs.

HIIT is a 60-piece collection that has been designed to meet the needs of the active modern man. Fronted by Joshua ‘JP’ Patterson of Made In Chelsea, the collection is minimal with a street edge and we absolutely love it (and the man fronting it, obviously)!

Like what you see? Lucky for you, the collection is available to buy online now! Go on, you know you want to.



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