It’s that time of year again when your coat becomes your sartorial staple, the thing you reach for and throw atop everything and that one thing that defines your new season look. The only problem is choosing one.

Autumn/winter is already painful enough on the body never mind the wardrobe; heating killing our skin, cake and mulled wine killing our diets (this does not apply to those with self control, who should be ashamed) and then the inclement weather that just adds an extra FU to your wardrobe decisions.

Therefore there are certain things to take in to account when looking for your new season outerwear. If you’re someone that is more outside than in and therefore battling the elements on a daily, then something that features a technical or waterproof fabric (that is thankfully v in this season) is your best bet. But if you’re more of a car-to-carpet sort of lady then anything from cashmere to a lux shearling will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Here’s our edit of the best new season outerwear.

L: Jacket: Vintage R: Jacket: Reiss, Roll Neck: Zara

Field jackets were everywhere this summer and became pretty much the staple of every street-styler at fashion week. Styled every way, they’re the versatile piece that can add a unique edge to a classic outfit or a touch of casual cool to a more dressed up look. The only thing you need to adapt for autumn/winter is the fabric; although summer’s lighter linen and cotton blends can still work equally as well if you wear the right layers, we’re looking toward the heavier leather and suede options that are storming the high street.

Look out for rich autumnal colours such as this emerald green from Reiss or head straight to a classic with a brown leather version by the likes of Belstaff. Always try and find one with a belt at the waist if you want to perfect that silhouette.

Jacket: Vintage

If you’re looking to differentiate from your summer look then a shearling jacket is just asking to be added to your winter rotation. A good place to start is vintage like the one pictured, the aged patina on the leather adds the right amount of attitude to an otherwise pristine outfit, but if you can’t find a decent enough one second-hand then the likes of Brioni and Vetements do some surprisingly classic alternative options.

Trench: Burberry

For those who don’t want to compromise when it comes to wearability but still want something that can be worn year round then a great trench coat is your best option. The technical fabric, expansive colour range and delicate details will mean it can be worn with everything from jeans to a suit.

Whilst the first thought for an investment trench would be to head straight to Burberry for one of their classic Kensington trenches, there are great alternatives on the high street; or if you have the time you can pick up vintage Burberry options for a fifth of the price at places such as Portabello road, happy hunting.

Jacket: Reiss

L: Jacket & Roll Neck as before R: Jumper: H&M

Photographer: Walter Zak

Model: Bennett Daniels