Suddenly I see… all the things I need to have immediately.

Spring is officially in. No longer do we have to look like bitchy divas wearing sunglasses when it’s barely even sunny outside (although it is a mood) because we now have actual sun, and this season designers have blessed us with some of the best frames we’ve seen in quite some time.

The mood is more. More colour, more 70s, more of a statement in every way. We’re looking past last season’s yellow lens to a more ochre/brownish option – big frames reign supreme with Gucci and Tom Ford leading the pack on 70s glamour and unexpected details that are so wrong, they’ve looped back around and they’re right again.

For a great everyday option we’re looking for something classic with just that bit… more. Gucci’s aviator style at Mr Porter are serving a deep, almost orange lens and filigree edging and Acnes washed gold lenses at Selfridges are something you can wear with a suit to the office to let people know that you have better taste than them.

The important thing to think about when investing in some sunnies (apart from how likely you are to lose them), is where you’re going. Although our vibe is more, you might not feel particular confident rolling up to Waitrose on a Saturday afternoon wearing a retro pair of peepers. Instead, opt for a pair that could have easily been passed down from your V chic dad; Andy Wolf and McQueen offer perfect options.