Emma D’Arcy has opened up about their love of fashion and its effect on their non-binary identity.

Over the last year, the Hanna star – who goes by they/them pronouns – has gained recognition for their riveting performance in House of the Dragon and their viral Negroni Sbagliato interview.

In addition to their acting talents, D’Arcy has received praise from LGBTQ+ fans for being an open book regarding their non-binary journey.

During a recent interview with Highsnobriety, the 30-year-old talent discussed how their identity has evolved due to their experimentation with fashion.

“Clothing, for most people, is central to who they are and how they express themselves. But for gender fluid or trans people, clothes play an even more fundamental role,” they explained.

“I’m a trans-masc presenting person, and broadly, my instinct is to wear rigid shapes softly. I used to be more into texture, but now I’m gradually getting more into bright colours.

“Clothes are armour for me. They’re essential to who I am, and I feel different in different outfits.”

Elsewhere in their interview, D’Arcy revealed that David Bowie’s iconic androgynous style has had a significant influence on their fashion tastes.


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“I’m obviously inspired by David Bowie. Is anyone’s style not inspired by David Bowie? It would be mad to say that,” they said. “It’s not a conscious decision, but it would be wild to say there is anyone who isn’t influenced by David Bowie.”

Lastly, the Wanderlust star added that their House of the Dragon character has also pushed them towards more masculine-inspired fashion.

“If anything has changed my style, it’s my work. Rhaenyra [Targaryen] and the many skirts I have to wear to play that character makes me want to dress more masculine,” they said.

D’Arcy’s inspiring comments come a few months after they opened up about hiding their non-binary identity at the start of their career.

“When I was starting out, I really felt that I had to present as a woman in order to find success in this industry,” they told E! News in January.

“It wasn’t sustainable, and I stopped pretending. And weirdly, at that point, I got nominated for Best Actress for the Golden Globes, which is like beautifully ironic.”