The signature Coca-Cola red is remixed by Daniel w. Fletcher in time for the holidays.

The first thing you notice about the new Daniel w. Fletcher x Coca-Cola capsule collection is the unmistakable bright red that we all know so well. 

The iconic red is used in ways we’ve never seen before. Instead of it being on Santa’s red two-piece suit or on the coke can, we see it checker boarded and splashed onto signature Fletcher silhouettes. 

This collection encapsulates the fun energy from the 1971 campaign that inspired the retro-esque path Fletcher took. We see classic DwF pieces, like the classic tops and shorts, where nostalgic photos and images from the campaign are projected on to, as well as the boxy denim jacket and jeans silhouettes we know and love.

The inspirational advert in question shows a diverse group of young people in the mountains of Italy singing “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” before changing the lyrics to “I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke.” 

The designer manages to carry the uplifting and unifying message of the nostalgic campaign to the clothing, creating a contemporary and extremely trend aware take. 

We’ve seen a lot of 70s-inspired trends taking on the catwalk for Autumn/Winter 21, and this inspiring collection fits beautifully within that, but pushes the boundaries with the bold colours we just haven’t seen being used with the movement.

One of the best pieces from the collaboration is an amazing patchwork blanket made from scraps of the collection, which create a mosaic image of the classique glass Coca-Cola bottle.

This sort of innovative design is exactly what the fashion industry needs in a time where we are nearing a climate crisis more and more. Finding ways to create a low-waste production line of slow fashion and homeware pieces is the future of fashion.

Not only is this collection a nostalgic and loving look into the past, it is a bright light of modernity and hope for the future.

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