Vibrant, authentic and captivating, Bella Hadid shines bright in Swarovski’s new dynamic collection.

Under the creative direction of Giovanni Englebert, Swarovski has fast become the deliciously vibrant jewellery brand on everyone’s mind. The crystals are kaleidoscopic, alluring and serve the perfect glittering touch to add luxe glamour to any moment.

When examining the dynamic and multidimensional shine of the pieces, there’s no better muse than Hadid. She is forever the moment and the face that will launch a thousand crystals.

Photographed by iconic duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the campaign presents a portrait series exploring the different energies and attitudes of Hadid and Swarovski. Gone are the days of jewels being reserved for ballroom opulence, instead it’s time to express yourself at any moment and without formal permission.

Speaking about the collaboration, Englebert said: “Bella Hadid sums up the individualistic and transformative attitude of a new global generation. She is a multifaceted character who evades the boxes of rules and conformity.

“She goes from sporty to glamorous while remaining the same girl – the same Bella – with confidence and authority. In that sense, she conveys the values of Swarovski to perfection.

“Today, crystals are a dynamic part of our everyday wardrobe: a way of accentuating your individual style in a way that can be as casual as it can be elaborate. Bella is the poster girl for this state of mind.”

Hadid voiced excitement on the power of inclusivity and expression. “I was very familiar with Swarovski already,” she states. “It really is such a timeless and iconic brand. I love the new collections and what the brand has been doing, especially these past two years under the creative vision of Giovanna, and I really see Swarovski as the contemporary jewellery brand of the future. Jewellery is about expression and celebrating individuality – Swarovski celebrates all people and the idea of modern glamour, and I love that.”

Here at GAY TIMES we break down the crystalised rainbow and give you an insight to the energies and symbolic meaning behind each colour:

Yellow Sporty Bella

Highlights the energetic and invigorating properties of yellow in an upbeat and affirmative styling proposition centered around the Lucent Family’s full cut crystals which radiate pure sunlight. The bold, joyful pieces celebrate color in its most vibrant form.

Pink Sweet Bella

Captures the bubbly and girly codes of pink with empowered overtones reflective of the colour’s sweet but potent impact.

Green Cool Bella

Epitomises a casual approach to crystal jewellery in a styling language inspired by the inherently natural and carefree qualities of the color green. Symbolic of growth and process, green embodies the values of a new generational attitude.

Blue Bohemian Bella

Embraces the serene and soothing effects of blue in a chilled-out, insouciant and carefree attitude to styling. Effortlessly sleek, she freely mixes dress codes and adds her own laidback touches of glamour.

Metallic Sunshine Bella

Expresses the joyful glamour at the heart of Swarovski through the slick impact of metallics and pavé stones. The mood embodies the dazzling and alluring mood of holidays bathed in shimmering sunlight with the Dextera Family’s geometric fusion of masculine metal and precision-cut pavé as its focal point.

Clear White Glam Bella

She is the ballroom beauty of a brave new era where glamour is a joyful state of mind. As an evolution of the classic language of clear crystal jewellery, so connected to the idea of old-world glamour, Hadid portrays an assertive and highly confident approach to occasion dressing, embodied by the elegant Harmonia Family’s necklace and choker. With their oversized cushion-cut crystals in suspended settings, the pieces give the illusion of floating stones.

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