Okay guys, it’s safe to come out now. The cold weather is done for. Of course April showers are a thing but that’s no reason to stop your Spring/Summer wardrobe blooming like nature around you. We are fully aware that with seasonal change, however, comes the shock factor of questions suddenly arising like “is my skin ready?”, “how am I supposed to dress if there’s still a possibility of cold or rain?” and “now that I don’t have to carry a backpack, what do I take with me that will go with my looks?”.

You need not worry. We’ve put together a little guide that will help answer all of these questions whilst also giving you some wallet-friendly brand options to keep you stylin’ and smilin’ into the new season’s fashions!

Slap some colour into the mix! 

We don’t need to just wear black anymore. Of course we’re not saying go out and get bright reds, purples and oranges and smack them into your sartorial repertoire but what you can do, is introduce some neutral tones and lighter shades of what could be seen as autumnal colours to slowly bring your wardrobe into the light.

Pedro wears: jacket by Marks and Spencer, sweater by Tu Clothing, jeans and shoes by Marks & Spencer

Pedro wears: shirt by Tu Clothing, trousers and shoes by Marks & Spencer

Pedro wears: jacket by Marks & Spencer, shirt by Tu Clothing, trousers and shoes by Marks & Spencer, bag by Gladstone, sweater by Marks & Spencer

Pedro wears: hoodie, t-shirt and chinos by Tu Clothing

Pedro wears: shirt by Tu Clothing, t-shirt by Marks & Spencer, chinos by Tu Clothing

Get that skin glowing!

It’s no use your clothing looking great and your skin and hair making you look as though you don’t take care of yourself. Sometimes it’s as simple as a few balms, a good razor and a nourishing oil or two. It doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out routine at all. You can take care of yourself while managing your time so it doesn’t affect your day much at all.

Pedro wears: hoodie and t-shirt by Tu Clothing

Pedro wears: Shirt by Marks & Spencer

Items on counter: razor by Wilkinson Sword, comb by Ben Cohen

Cleanse & Shave Nutrient Mud by Proverb, Hair and Body wash by David Mallett, Extreme Comfort hand cream by Anne Semonin, Anti Irritation body shaving stick by Nivea, Hydro 5 Transformers razor by Wilkinson Sword, Rebel at Heart fragrance by Thomas Sabo, 2 in 1 Skin Hydrator and Beard Conditioner by Clinique

Like we said, taking care of yourself need not take loads of time. Brands like Nivea, Lab Series and Proverb all have product you can use in-shower and being multi-functional, means your time commitment to your beauty regime is minimal.

Pedro uses Hydro 5 razor by Wilkinson Sword

Don’t be afraid to be a little extra!

We’ve covered the bases, skin, hair and outfits – now it’s time to top it off. There’s no shame in caring about the product you use, be that fragrance, primers, bronzers or concealers – we all want to look good and we aren’t going to come for anyone and their methods. We’re here to help! Try some of these pieces out for size.

Legend Night by Montblanc,  3 in 1 Shave & Beard Oil by Lab Series, comb and scissors by Ben Cohen, kabuki brush by Inika, bronzer by Milani

Makeup brushes by Look Good Feel Better, lip balm b yDr. PawPaw, styling gel by Woody’s, moisturising lotion by Clinique, Skin Definition facial scrub by Proverb, Soothing Body Wash by Urban Veda, Elysium fragrance by Roja Parfums

Mattifying powder by Inika, Love Grenade body and laundry spray by Woody’s, fragrance by Eight & Bob, beauty blender by So Eco, Le Volume No. 2 Shampoo by David Mallett, hairspray by Davines, Purifying and Protecting night cream & Purifying and Protecting facial scrub by Urban Veda, hair brush by WetBrush, bag by Gladstone.

comb by Ben Cohen, Daily Essentials BB Cream by Nivea, concealer by Inika, Déclaration parfum for men by Cartier, beard balm by David Mallett

Santal Musc fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez, Intense Therapy lip balm by Jack Black, Vitamin Power Mask by Stoer, Easy Shave Butter and Executive Razor by Dr. Carver’s by Dollar Shave Club, Lui fragrance by Guerlain, bronzer by Milani, makeup brush by So Eco

Styling & Art Direction // Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah

Photography // Tom Buck

Grooming // Shamirah Sairally

Special thanks to The Radisson Edwardian Mercer Street Hotel