Oh, pretty packaging, how you are our downfall.

We’ve all done it. From saving aftershave bottles when you were 7 (don’t deny it, Victoria Beckham did it too with her mum’s Chanel No5), to never using a fancy candle you got for Christmas, because it’s so god damn pretty.

Here’s 8 things we’d buy just for the packaging… oh, and some of them are great products too.


Aesop Equalising Shampoo – Shop now

There isn’t a homosexual on the earth that doesn’t own something Aesop. I mean, even if you’re bald you basically should still own their shampoo because it looks so damn good in your bathroom. Plus when you boomerang from your bathtub, it’s there as a reminder that you’re hella chic.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino – Shop now

I mean, just look at it. Not only does it smell incredible but the bottle lets others know that you’re better than them. If that’s not the reason for shopping, we don’t know what is.

Marvis Rambad toothpaste – Shop now

Imagine it, your white carrara marble bathroom, you in silk pyjamas and this Marvis toothpaste adding that pop of colour to your sink…and then you get the hidden Colgate out so you don’t waste it.

L’Occitant Shaving cream – Shop now

You might not have grown any facial fluff since you plucked those two out in 1998 but that doesn’t excuse the need for the L’Occitant shaving cream, does it?

Aesop Parsley Seed cleansing masque – Shop now

Now here’s one where the product is something that we both want to use and keep on our sinks. This Aesop mask is delicious, and the more screwed up the tube gets, the better it looks.

Dr Jackson 02 night skin cream – Shop now

There’s nothing we love more than our bathrooms looking like some chic apothecary and can make us look younger all at the same time.

Sisley eau de campagne bath and body oil – Shop now

We don’t use body oil, do we want to? Not really tbh. But… pretttyyyy.


Byredo suede hand cream – Shop now

Now here’s a handy one (excuse the pun). Because getting this out of your bag in the middle of the day is surely a sign that you’ve grown up into a chic human being, right?