It’s January, what better time to reassess your life…

Old underwear is just gross, sweats are bad enough as it is without them being bolognese stained and your gym shorts should not be splitting from the extra leg days you’ve been so desperately cramming in.

Here’s 7 things to renew this January (one of them is not your salty attitude, that can stay).

Hugo Boss classic kimono robe at House Of Fraser – Shop Now

Take your pyjamas from 12 year old boy to actual adult with the help of a simple chic robe.

Bowmakers Eau De Parfum by D.S. & Durga at Mr Porter – Shop Now

Any excuse to buy a new fragrance and we’re on board. We’ve been loving D.S. & Durga for a while now and this scent is perfect for the new year.

Calvin Klein stretch cotton briefs at Mr Porter – Shop Now

Stained underwear, old underwear, no. Refresh, immediately.

Hugo Boss textured-leather holdall at Mr Porter – Shop Now

Choose a style that’s big enough to go from office to gym and you’ll be chic 24/7.

Reiss Farrow double cuff slim fit white shirt – Shop Now

The same with underwear, white shirts stain under the arms and lose their crispness after a year or so.

Superdry Active Training Shorts – Shop Now

Crusty old gym kit will just not cut it anymore. Squat like it’s hot in some cute new shorts.

Jack Wills tapered gym joggers – Shop Now

Sweats. We love to hate them and vice versa.