We literally just need a reason to take our boots off.

We’ve been living in them all winter. The same pair. It’s a surprise that there aren’t holes on the sole, and that at this point we’re not just walking with thread-bare laces around our feet.

So here’s seven pairs of loafers to try for spring, because loafers means no socks (or invisible) and no socks means no snow. Win!

SUMMER SHOES – Tod’s pink suede loafers – Shop now

Nothing says summer like a pink suede shoe. You’re obviously a ballsy individual to wear a pale suede on a city street and the lack of rain means you can stop worrying about ruining them at any moment.

WEAR WITH A CASUAL SUIT – Berluti leather loafers – Shop now

Brown leather is perfect to wear with a grey suit or pale linen in the summer months, and these ones from Berluti will age beautifully. Pair with a crisp with shirt for max summer impact.

FEELIN’ EXTRA – Gucci embellished loafers – Shop now

Because sometimes you just need an embellished shoe, I mean, that’s just like the rules of fashion.

FANCY PANTS – Rubinacci croc-effect loafers – Shop now

Black croc is perfect to wear with crisp white chinos and a panama hat. Pair it with a loose shirt and jacket for the evening.

ONES FOR SHORTS – Mulo suede loafers – Shop now

If you’re comfortable wearing the other options with tailored shorts then go right ahead. But for those of you who think that might be a step too far try a more casual option that will look more at home with chino shorts and a tee.

DRESS LOAFERS – J.M. Weston leather loafers – Shop now

For the perfect alternative to a dress shoe some black slip on loafers are just the trick. Make your your trousers are tailored to the right length to stop fabric pooling around your ankles.

WEAR WITH JEANS – Gucci horsebit loafers – Shop now

For a pair that you can wear with everything from blue jeans to suit trousers, a classic Gucci horsebit is the one. Wear with distressed jeans and a graphic tee for an on-trend look.