These guys are not afraid to be experimental – and we are SO in to it.

There’s always those days when we’re thinking we just dress the same all the god damn time and would love to break out and experiment with some more outré looks. But where to start?

Luckily these stylish fellas are paving the way, and we’re obsessed.


Hair artist Dustin Baker literally came, slayed, and conquered outfit goals from now until the end of time. Between his luscious eyebrows and his ability to sport a leather cap or majorly flared jeans, we basically want to be best friends with him.

???? ???? ????

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Tag yourself, I’m the watermelon. ????????

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Model Kurt Anders has more structure in his face than we’ve had for the last 25 years of life.

His ability to wear pink perspex sunnies or a kimono and still look completely chill is our new life goal.



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Sketch ????

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Kurt Andrews is pure high fash-un.

If we had the ability to pull off a crop top (hindered by the fact we live in England), then we would hope to look like this beautiful creature of god. Also, Margiela Tabi Boots… nuff said.


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Model Matthew McMahon’s aesthetic is half naked, and we’re completely one hundred percent here for it.

Who knew a jockstrap and tie-dye was such a killer look?


Feverly Kills @staweckix

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Oregon-based Mr Andrew Hamburger is, according to his Insta bio, ‘just a skinny jewish boy who enjoys clothes’. But scrolling through his feed and you’ll realise he’s serving all the looks you wish you could.

Also, doggo.



Dream team Dimitri Rojas and @jawhar_paulo have too much sass and we can’t take. Except we can and we love it.

From Coachella looks to matching ‘we just jumped out of the shower’ glam, they’re fashion goals all the way.


#FOLSOM ????????@_utierre originals.

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Casual Sunday. @_utierre x @nike

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