The guys on the street always have the best style.

With men’s fashion weeks taking us on a tour around the fashion capitals, we turn our attention to the guys on the street that style past and present collections with added flair.

Here’s some of the top (and surprisingly simple) style tips we’ll be stealing in 2018.


Instead of pairing anything and everything with black this winter, choose one colour and dress in varied tones and textures of said colour. Head to toe camel or grey are two of are favourites and look extremely luxurious.

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Instead of throwing a heavy jacket over your suit, add an unexpected edge with some loose knitwear. Longer belted styles work best and different textures add a chic twist.

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Hardly a revolution but reinventing the boring suit is important to remember in winter. Throw on a roll neck and a neatly folded scarf for a chic alternative.

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A Burberry classic will always be a classic but this season trench coats are becoming a bit more experimental, with appliquéd details, wider shapes and longer cuts.

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For the brave out there that don’t mind being stared at by everyone and his auntie, matchy matchy is the way to go. Go the extra mile and throw a fur on top a la Chris Burt-Alan.

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