The sun may be beaming in the UK but there’s nothing like a good getaway, exploring new destinations with a whole new wardrobe worthy of Instagram.

These places will have you reaching for your phone every other minute – from the pure whites of the Santorini coast to the rich hues that Fiji brings, here’s the best places to get on your ‘gram and style out a moment.

Santorini, Greece

This tiny little island belonging to Greece has long been known for its beautiful scenery. From the infamous blue domes to the crystal white of the houses and incredible pops of floral magenta, they’re basically unbeatable when it comes to that classic Greek backdrop. Echo the pale shades with blues and whites to mimic the backdrop and look for luxury basics like this tee from Missoni.

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Positano, Italy

Literally what could be better than wandering around the secluded Italian town of Positano?

The latest Italian destination to be ‘in Vogue’, it’s the new stomping ground for the elite wanting to experience the best of local Italy. Sport loose shirting, a modern take on traditional rope sandals and a classic Panama hat.

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Live your best life while strolling around the island of Fiji. Picture it: You’re in a 5 star hotel, walking along the beach, Fendi espadrilles in hand (and a cocktail in the other, ideally) and you’re in an outfit of loose warm beiges. Perfect.

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Florence, Italy

Another Italian destination that steals the show is Florence. Set against an incredibly intricate backdrop, it’s an incredible place to wander around and soak in the culture. The main cathedral which sits in the centre is break taking and a must see – do as the Italians do and sport some prints and go full on fashion.

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The Hamptons

The main reason we’ve always wanted to go to the Hamptons is to basically be Diane Keaton in every movie where she walks along the beach in cute separates with a moody backing track… is there any other reason?

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