Think of this as the holy commandments when it comes to you shoes.

We just can’t take it. Another sighting of a male that is not around a pool, sporting a plastic flip flop, it’s just unacceptable. Therefore we’re bringing you some style rules when it comes to getting dressed for your holiday.

1. Flip flops are strictly only allowed at a pool or at the beach.

Tom Ford is rightly quoted in saying that flip flops should never be seen in the city…why? Because no-one wants to see your hairy un-manicured toes wandering around Selfridges on a Saturday afternoon. Alternatively you could wear espadrilles or a smarter sandal, but if you must, make them a block colour and as plain as possible. Plastic sandals (including Havaianas if you’re over there thinking your fancy) are only acceptable if you’re near large quantities of water, case closed.


2. There is a difference between a day and evening sandal.

You should just be able to look at a shoe and distinguish the difference. Think, if you were a woman, would you wear a six-inch heeled sandal to the beach? or would you wear a flat sandal? So you might be that one woman that is unnecessarily extra at the beach with a full face, cut-out swimsuit, kaftan and a heel at 11am but that’s not what we’re striving for. Question, are the ones featured below day or evening sandals? Trick question babes, they’re all day sandals, take note of the rubber soles and sports influence.

3. Espadrilles are your saviour.

They’re the shoe that most seem to forget about but yet they’re structure makes them basically made for going on vacation. These are the part where you can have a bit of fun and look for bold colours and signature prints. Think of them as your holiday alternative to a sneaker, one that breathes and looks much more appropriate than an ugly dad shoe.

4. A good loafer will get you everywhere (literally).

A loafer really is your saving grace when looking for a shoe that will take you from day-to-night with a spring in your step. Granted there are different types and some are dressier than others but we’re focusing on a good driving loafer. Block coloured, fresh suede and ready to go with everything from smart shorts to a pressed linen pant – they’re the ultimate space saver if you’ve got limited baggage space.

5. Slides are not for gentleman (not as you know them anyways).

I don’t care if they’re Gucci, Pucci, Prada or Ferragamo, they’re just plain ugly. It’s one thing to think about wearing them in general but then to pair then with a sock is just downright unholy. They were worn by your dad in the nineties and then retired for the last 20 years because he just didn’t know any better, and even he came to his senses and stopped wearing them, just because Balenciaga slapped their name across the front does not a good shoe make. Alternatively a leather sandal can be your new go-to.