Stop following basic Becky and follow some of these incredible talents.

Sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration – scrolling through shirtless guys is fun and all, but even we have to say that it gets a little tiresome after like 30 straight hours of it.

That’s why we’re looking to the talent that you’re missing on your Instagram feed, just because they’re not shirtless or Bella Hadid. Bask in the talent and give them a follow…


For those of you who are all about turning out a look from head-to-toe, whether that’s adding a slick of black Kohl around the eyes, super bronzed and lit to the gods from January to December, or those who take makeup to the next level and basically embroider your entire face with pearls, this account is for you.

Run by makeup artist Katrina in Vancouver, Canada, this feed brings together all of the very best looks from artists over the world (and occasionally looks from the lady herself). It’s the perfect source of inspiration for anyone wanting to experiment with makeup, right from the demure to the extreme.


The man behind the ‘Gram, Simone Cotellessa, is the anti-fashion blogger we’ve all been looking for. Eschewing the paid adverts for random products like Stella Artois (we’re looking at you Sarah Jessica Parker) and filling his feed with irreverent fashion pieces, cigarette butts and some of the most iconic looks from the last half a century, it’s the breath of fresh we all needed from the likes of Zoella.

Follow him if you want an update on the best-but-most-avant-garde fashion or just want to see high-waisted thongs to McQueen bush (you’ll have to follow to find out).


Born in Spring 2015 by designer Alejandro G. Palomo, Palomo Spain is the gender-bending label that perfectly encapsulates the mood we’re wanting to channel for 2019. Trained at the London College of Fashion, his label has grown exponentially since its launch and it’s his couture level of craftsmanship, incredible period references, all tied in with his irreverent genderless aesthetic that makes this a page to follow.

Take a look at their SS19 campaign for jaw-dropping group shots of cute guys styling it the fuck out.


Every time I look at this kid’s account, it’s almost wired into my system to turn to the person next to me and ask, ‘How is he only 15 years old? Seriously?’ *pause for thought*

With only 86 posts on Instagram and a quickly-growing 17,500 followers under his belt, self-taught makeup artist Julian Stoller has more talent in his little finger than we do in the entire top half of our bodies.

He’s a great one to follow if you’re here for the avant-garde looks and aren’t afraid of something a little extra.

Did we mention he’s only 15?!