Spring has sprung, so it’s time to leave those slumber weekends behind and get out into the world.

With the new season in full swing, it’s time to show off your new threads – and what better way to do that that with a day full of gorgeous meals in luxurious establishments that won’t have your bank account quivering in fear?

We’ve rounded up four spots across London for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks – as well as the recommended outfits for each (we love a costume change) – to kickstart spring the way you mean to go on.

Tibits for breakfast

Let’s face it, you’re probably hungover (you always are), you haven’t eaten breakfast in the last 25 years, and you’re only 22 years old. The idea of making your own breakfast is simply barbaric. The last time you touched the stove it was 1982 (still, not born, but not the point) and even then you nearly went up in a flame of Elnett.

We digress, this weekemnd treat yourself to a breakfast (or brunch, depending on how late in the morning you rolled home) out of the house, where you’re not a danger to yourself, or others in your apartment building. Luckily for you, Tibits, your favourite vegetarian (and vegan) eatery, are doing breakfast. See, your life just got so much better. So bury your hangover in a food-boat full of nice food, because you’re worth it. P.S. Don’t forgot the pancakes. YUM.

What to wear

Four Degree, Vauxhall  for lunch

Sushi honey, it’s where it’s at. Four Degree in Vauxhall is serving you all the contemporary Japanese-French (who knew) cuisine you’ve ever asked for (you might not have ever asked for it, but you’re getting it and it’s good). With amazing views over the river and everything from mushroom and truffle salads to Wagyu beef, your lunchtime is gonna be one for the record books hun.

Wear chinos and some sort of printed top to show that you’re cute and chill, but also fash-un af.

What to wear

Plate, Shoreditch for dinner

Y’know what we love when it comes to restaurant for dinner? A huge window that allows maximum people-watching ability. We love it so much you could probably just feed us dry bread and we’d happily sit there all night being the bitter Betty’s we really are. Luckily we’re heading to Plate, where dry bread is not a worry (they actually have a bread flight and my god is it good! Marmite bread, who knew?) and the largely glass restaurant is perfect for minding everyone else’s business.

Head chef Arnaud Stevens has worked with chef royalty, including Pierre Koffmann and Jason Atherton to name a couple – and his mix of French cuisine will literally have you gagging (for more).

The rest of the menu is equally flawless and the cocktail offering will mean you’re probably never going to want to leave. Ideal.

What to wear

Coral Room, Bloomsbury for drinks

You’ve exhausted O Bar’s happy hour and you’re basically on first name terms with everyone in Freedom (and you know everyone in G-A-Y way too well because you’re a scene queen with a not so hidden agenda), so branch out and explore something new, this week The Coral Room in Bloomsbury.

Part of the Bloomsbury Hotel, it’s the perfect mix of classic and contemporary and has a cocktail list longer than your arm. Bottoms up, ladies.

What to wear