New year, same old stalkers.

So here’s some beautiful Instagram people with great style. And faces.


Creative Director and model Mr Robin Sebastian Saint is a walking case-in-point as to how you can embrace jewellery as a man.

His wide variety of styles from relaxed americana to a laid-back tuxe or even just a towel are all perfectly put together in a way that never looks try hard and his ability to wear four rings and not look like he ran into a jewellery stand at Claire’s Accessories is enviable in itself.

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Jesus take the wheel that is one attractive man.

Model Ton Heukels’ (who is basically signed to every agency, because, face) style is everything we want in a closet. The Dutch native uses Instagram to school you on how to look perfectly louche and put together all at once. Literally, never have white jeans looked so attractive on a man.

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From cashier to catwalk model goes the story of Dylan Christensen – and his style off the runway is just as enviable. His long hair and unique blend of silhouettes and brands make a case for all the things you’re too scared to wear for the season ahead (Balenciaga sneakers anyone?).

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