Skirts, dresses, and jewellery… they really do have all the fun.

Jewellery can be a tricky subject to broach, you either drop 30k on a watch that is literally the creme de la creme of timepieces or you buy something labelled as ‘men’s jewellery’ – and it’s usually some sort of weird grey metal with tribal imprints that has been on the Argos website for the last 12 years. Not cute.

This week we’re looking towards that ‘never-take-it-off’ jewellery that we’re stealing from the girls, delicate pieces that will add just enough to your look without it being the equivalent of a tribal tattoo.

Hillier Bartley paperclip single earring – Shop now

If you’re the sort of man that can rock a single earring (let’s face it, a lot of us have a single ear piercing from back in the day), then this paperclip is the perfect alternative to a diamanté stud, and the pink is hella cute.

Nialaya Jewellery sky fall signature star ring – Shop now

Didn’t get a family signet ring because you’re not a lord and don’t own 17 ponies? Yeah, us neither. This star one from Nialaya has just enough of a design element to stand out, but is still classic.

Stone and strand 14 carat gold initial earring – Shop now

Initials on your ears, cute af.

Malaika Raiss dinosaur pendant – Shop now

A white t-shirt, some high waisted jeans and a cute little dinosaur swinging from your neck – it’s our 2018 summer vibe.

Catbird Coquette earring hugger earring – Shop now

For something simple but still with a little more than your run of the mill stud, we’re here for this Catbird option.

Maria Black hook ring – Shop now

We’re loving delicate rings this season, as opposed to heavy chunky options that make it look like you’re wearing the napkin ring from a dodgy restaurant. This knot from Maria Black is perfect to stack with more.

Cornelia Webb Molded ear cuff – Shop now

Need it, want it, have to have it. For those with slightly edgier style it’s the perfect unexpected hint of gold.

Catbird sweet nothing bracelet – Shop now

Investing in something that you can barely see is the ultimate in luxury.

Maria Black Gordon signet ring – Shop now

Until your family crest arrives, this one is a great alternate. Keep it to a minimum and pair it with just a great watch.

Alison Lou tiny heart earring – Shop now

Literally, how cute is this? First step hearts, next, chandelier earrings.