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World Of Wonder

Drag Race UK star Victoria Scone made franchise history on the latest episode of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs The World. 

For this week’s maxi-challenge, the queens were tasked with “braving the elements” for The Weather Ball. 

As part of the grand runway extravaganza, the ladies designed unique looks based on three specific categories: Air Body Lace, Artic Foxy Lady, and Caught in the Rain Couture.

While all of the talented contestants served body and glamour throughout the ball, it was Victoria who truly stole the show with her herstory making drag king look for the Air Body Lace category. 

Taking inspiration from the hunky 90s model Fabio, the UK-based queen strutted down the runway in an unbuttoned fluffy laced blouse – which showcased her muscular body plate – and pull away leather pants that exposed matching white lace boxer briefs. 

For her makeup, she donned a light goatee with high-contoured cheeks and a five o’clock shadow reminiscent of a Hollywood leading man. And to complete her showstopping ensemble, the beloved talent wore a long, luxurious blonde wig – which, of course, whipped in the wind. 

“Hello, world. I’m Victoria Stone, and I’ve come to take over this competition. The fantasy is: I just got off a horse, and I smell like money and man,” she said in her confessional. 

Shortly after The Weather Ball concluded, the judges praised the 29-year-old for having the best look of the night – which resulted in her winning the ball alongside Silky Nutmeg Ganache.

Before heading to the main stage for the final lip sync, Victoria spoke with the other queens about the inspiration behind her Air Body Lace look. 

“It’s a bit of a love letter, because I don’t perform as a drag king. I’m just doing it to prove a point,” Victoria explained. 

“Because people love to say that drag kings couldn’t possibly be judged on the same level as us, and tonight, I have proven that wrong. I didn’t just step my p*ssy up, I stepped my junk up.” 

After the episode aired, fans flocked to social media to praise Victoria for her inclusive drag king look. 

One fan tweeted: “Victoria Scone with the first ever drag king look on drag race? legendary.”

Another viewer wrote: “Was delightful to see Drag King representation on a Rupaul show. We need more of that TBH Victoria Scone for the win.” 

Check out below for more fan reactions to Victoria’s look below.