Instagram @victoriascone
Instagram @victoriascone

Canada vs the World star Victoria Scone has called on the Drag Race bosses to cast drag kings in future seasons.

Since making her debut on the third season of Drag Race UK, the beloved talent has consistently been at the forefront of some of the franchise’s most herstoric moments.

From becoming the first cis female competitor to showcasing the first-ever drag king look on the runway, Victoria is no stranger to breaking boundaries.

While the Drag Race franchise has slowly started to feature a more diverse set of queens, the Cardiff-based talent recently told Digital Spy that there’s still room for more inclusivity, specifically regarding drag kings.

“Diversity is just always going to be a plus in every sense. It brings variety to performance as well as the fact that everyone deserves a seat at the table, regardless of what gender you happen to be assigned at birth,” she explained to the news outlet.

“I did a drag king look on Canada Vs the World, so obviously that’s something I’m very passionate about – getting drag kings on Drag Race.”

World Of Wonder

World Of Wonder

Victoria went on to say that having drag king talent would bring in more viewers and highlight a “big chunk” of the LGBTQ+ community.

“There’s absolutely, in my opinion, no reason why they couldn’t be. I think it would give the show a lovely little shake-up and keep it fresh,” she said.

“It would draw in more people as well. More people would want to watch it because [currently] it’s blocking out a big chunk of the queer community that watch the show. And what’s the worst that’s gonna happen? Let’s just do it, shall we?”

Victoria isn’t the first Drag Race star to call for the inclusion of drag kings.

Back in 2022, DRUK star and Queerpiphany host Tayce echoed similar sentiments in an interview with

“There such a long way to go. We’re getting, finally, some trans representation. We’ve got drag queens, we’ve had cis queens like Victoria Scone, so we definitely need drag kings on the map,” she told the news outlet.

“Drag is such a broad range of things. Drag is literally what you put on in the morning when you go to work. It’s how you present yourself to the world. I can’t wait for [drag kings] to finally, hopefully, be able to get on the show because there are some amazing drag kings out there.”

Only time will tell when RuPaul and the World of Wonder bosses will expand the show’s scope to drag kings.