World of Wonder
World of Wonder

The queens travelled back to the Y2K era during this week’s episode of Drag Race All Stars 7.

Last week, the queens delivered commencement speeches for ‘draguates’ around the world. As the blocked queen, Monét was bestowed with the power to determine the running order, choosing herself first and her new frenemy The Vivienne in last place.

After the queens delivered hilarious speeches, the winners sashayed down the main stage in the category, “Veiled It.”

Ru then declared Jinkx and Raja the top two of the week, providing the former with her third challenge win and second star and the latter with her first star.

The two winners were also awarded an additional star to give away to one of their fellow queens.

The season three and five alumni then lip-synced to Better in Color by Lizzo, with Jinkx triumphing and choosing to block The Vivienne.

The next day, the girls entered the workroom prepped and ready for their sixth maxi-challenge.

However, before the queens could dive into their new challenge, Raja and Jinkx revealed which queens they were going to give a Legendary Legend Star to.

In the end, Jaida Essence Hall and Yvie Oddly were awarded the aforementioned accolade, providing the latter with her first star.

For their sixth maxi-challenge, the queens were tasked with forming two Y2K girl groups for a flashback episode of MTV’s iconic countdown show Total Ru-quest Live!

“Now, one group will debut the eternal love song, 2gether 4ever,” Ru explained. “And the other group will debut the epic breakup song Titanic.”

After Mama Ru left the workroom, the queens dived into the two new songs to prepare for their upcoming performances.

However, things got a little awkward after The Vivienne called out Raja, Jaida, Yvie and Monét X Change for forming a group before asking for input from the other queens.

This resulted in Jinkx labelling two of the workroom couches as Titanic and 2gether 4ever so the queens could choose which song they wanted to do.

In the end, The Vivienne, Yvie, Jinkx, and Jaida ended up forming The Other Girls – which left Monet, Shea Couleé, Raja, Trinity The Tuck, and Raja creating M.S.T.R.

After recording their respective songs and creating their intricate choreography, The Other Girls and M.S.T.R headed to their first-ever Total Ru-quest Live! appearance with Carson Gayly.

While both groups delivered hilarious and gag-worthy performances, Monét, Trinity, Shea, The Vivienne and Yvie were singled out for praise.

After the winners sashayed down the main stage in the category, “Night Of A Thousand Dolly Partons”, Ru declared The Vivienne and Yvie the top two of the week, providing the latter with her second star of the episode.

The two winners then lip-synced to Why’d You Come in Here Looking Like That by Dolly Parton, with The Vivienne triumphing and choosing to block Jinkx from receiving a star next week.

On next week’s episode, the queens will create a signature legendary legend look inspired by one of Ru’s classic ensembles.

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