After a tumultuous two-part premiere, the Drag Race season 14 competition has continued with yet another gag-worthy and twist-filled episode.

The show began with the second group of queens entering the workroom after Daya Betty’s emotional elimination.

Deja Skye, who triumphed over Daya in the lip-sync battle, opened up about the rattling moment and being crowned a lip-sync assassin.

“I was close to being eliminated. But I think that me lip-syncing made them know that I’m a competitor,” Deja said in her confessional.

“RuPaul himself said we might have a lip-sync assassin on our hands, bitches beware.”

While reading Daya’s lipstick message, the queens were surprised with a piece of mysterious news from the former guest judge, Alicia Keys.

“Queens, I’m back… and I’m not the only one, look over there,” she said.

As the queens turned around, the first batch of contestants entered the workroom in their fiercest looks.

The tension between the two queens didn’t last long, as both groups lovingly introduced themselves.

After getting acquainted, the girls dished about the recent eliminations before calling it a night.

The next day, Mama Ru stopped by the workroom to meet the newly formed collective.

“So the gang’s all here. Like my mama used to say, the more, the merrier,” he exclaimed.

But instead of jumping right into the next challenge, Ru brought out a couple of ghosts from Drag Race past.

“Welcome back, Orion Story and Daya Betty. I’m giving these queens a second chance to compete for the crown. It’s the right thing to do,” Ru revealed.

After welcoming the eliminated queens, Ru spilt the tea regarding the season’s highly-anticipated candy bar twist.

With the help of the lovely Pit Crew, Ru explained that each queen would choose a candy bar and sign it.

Like Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, one of their candy bars contains a golden ticket. After each elimination, the losing queen will have the opportunity to be saved if they have the coveted paper.

“This changes the game it gives you a second chance or a third chance if it’s me,” Daya said.

With the new season twist marinating in each of the queens’ heads, Ru revealed that they would be throwing two fashion balls for the upcoming maxi-challenge.

The first and second-week queens were then split into two groups and tasked with their own ball theme and special categories.

The first group was assigned to the Hide ‘n Chic Ball theme, which consisted of three animal print categories.

The second group were given the Red, White and Blue Ball theme, with three unique categories involving the bold colours.

With this being the season’s first sewing challenge, experienced seamstress Deja expressed her excitement in a confessional.

“This is what I came here for. I’m a sewer, I love creating. I love balls,” she said.

While some queens came to the competition with sewing knowledge, a few queens struggled with the extensive challenge.

“I don’t sew. I don’t even consider myself a crafty queen. The only craft I enjoy is macaroni and cheese,” June Jambalaya revealed. “So I’m literally over here draping, painting and praying.”

Aside from the sewing mishaps, the first batch of queens also familiarized themselves with Maddy Morphosis and her heterosexuality.

During the conversation, Maddy discussed how he and his long-term girlfriend met, stating: “She’s honestly like my biggest supporter. The first time she ever met, I was in drag.”

The episode took an emotional turn when Kornbread and Kerri opened up about their coming out journey and family relationships.

When asked about her childhood, Kornbread was consumed with emotion and had to walk off set to compose herself.

“In this moment and time, I’m discovering that things I thought I was over, I’m not really over,” she said.

She went on to say that, as a child, she felt like a disappointment to her parents and revealed that she moved out at the age of 16.

On the other side of the room, Orion Story opened up about her mother’s tragic suicide and said that she pursued drag because of her.

“My mom has definitely influenced everything that I’m doing right now, and I’m here to make her proud,” she said.

After an impromptu dragonfly eating competition and a handful of heartfelt moments, the queens were ready to hit the ballroom floor in their iconic designs.

The fierce contestants brought their signature styles to each runway look, from zebra-themed resort wear to red, white, and blue gowns.

However, Willow Pill was named the maxi-challenge winner due to her diverse and sickening looks.

After further deliberation, June Jambalaya and Maddy Morphosis landed in the bottom two to battle it out in a lip-sync.

The two queens went on to slay their performances, leaving their hearts on their sleeves and passions on the floor.

In the end, Maddy prevailed over June, but before sashaying away, the latter opened her candy bar to see if she had the golden ticket.

Unfortunately, it was just a regular chocolate bar and June ended up going home.

The fiery competition continues next week when the queens compete in their first acting challenge. Music icon Jennifer Lopez is also set to make an appearance.