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The queens were dealt with a shocking elimination twist on the latest episode of Drag Race UK season four.

Spoiler’s ahead

Last week, the contestants gave drag makeovers to the beloved Queen Team – comprised of Drag Race UK producers Fleur, Gemma, Lucie, Mystique, Olivia, and Wendy.

“For those who don’t know, the Queen Team is literally our backbone in this competition. They do everything to make sure that we are taken really well cared of and keeping us together from losing our s**t,” Black Peppa said in a confessional.

After receiving helpful advice from Drag Race legend Raven, the ladies and their Queen Team counterparts headed to the mainstage to present their work for the judges’ panel – which featured Michelle Visage stepping in for RuPaul as the show’s host.

While each of the queens delivered creative family resemblance makeovers, the judges lauded Danny Beard and Cheddar Gorgeous for their unique ensembles and characters.

Ultimately, Cheddar was named the winner – which resulted in Dakota Schiffer sashaying away. 

For this week’s maxi-challenge, the queens were asked to tap into their inner thespian for their roles in the thrilling reality TV show The Squirrel Games. 

“Each of you will play a fictional reality star who checks into the Big Mutha house only to discover that your fate is being controlled by a sassy and sadistic squirrel,” Ru explained. 

Due to Cheddar winning the previous maxi-challenge, the Manchester-based talent was tasked with assigning the queens their roles.

In the end, Cheddar took on Minxie, which left Jonbers Blonde as Sassy and Fugly the Dog, Peppa as Bev Growls, Danny as Divine-ah Dickall, and Pixie Polite as Kim Booburn. 

With their roles selected, the queens headed to the soundstage to film their acting challenge with the help of beloved Drag Race judge and Seduction icon Michelle Visage. 

While the queens did their best to tap into their larger-than-life reality TV personas, the ladies struggled to land their lines throughout the filming process. 

After serving their showstopping “Ruff and Ready” ensembles, the contestants assembled on the main stage to watch the final cut of The Squirrel Games – which resulted in Danny and Cheddar earning praise for their performances. 

Following the judges’ deliberations, Ru named Cheddar the winner of the maxi-challenge, leaving Jonbers and Peppa to lip-sync for their lives. 

Following their impeccable performance to Booty Luv’s Some Kinda Rush, Ru announced that Peppa was safe from elimination. 

However before Jonbers could sashay away, RuPaul shocked the queens when she asked the talented performer to also stay in the competition. 

Due to the double shantay, five queens are now headed to the semi-final, and one step closer to the coveted crown. 

Next week on Drag Race UK, the ladies will channel their inner standup comic as they campaign in the “General Erection” roast challenge.   

Comedy star Aisling Bea and Years and Years singer Olly Alexander are also set to make guest appearances.

Here’s what viewers had to say about the jaw-dropping episode: