The queens tapped into their inner Golden Girls on this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15.

Spoilers ahead.

For this week’s maxi challenge, the queens were asked to brush up their vocals and “flash forward 50 years into the future” to create three “Golden Gal girl groups”.

“First, you need to break into three groups of four. I’ll give you a moment now to team up with your best Judies. Think fast bitches”, Ru explained. 

Group one consisted of Sasha Colby, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx, Aura Mayari, and Spice.

Group two featured Anetra, Jax, Loosey La Duca, and Robin Fierce.

Luxx Noir London, Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Salina EsTitties, and Marcia, Marcia, Marcia rounded out group three.

After a brief moment of selecting their teammates, Ru went on to explain the rules of the challenge.

“Now, each of you will need to write your own verses to one of these brand new golden oldies,” she continued. 

“The first song is a heavy metal rock of ages anthem. The second is a country diddy that will set your grandpappy’s toes a-tappin’. And finally, a bop that puts the hip replacement in hip-hop.”



Before leaving the workroom, Ru surprised the queens with a cameo appearance from TikTok sensations The Old Gays – who stepped in as Pit Crew members to give the contestants advice. 

After listening to the three tracks, group two decided to take hip-hop. However, things got a little tense when group one and group three fought over who deserved the metal genre. 

In an effort to solve the issue, the two batches of queens picked their genres from a hat, which resulted in group one getting metal and group three stuck with country. 

Following the tense battle, the ladies formulated their lyrics before meeting up with singer-songwriter Leland to record their songs. 

While most of the ladies delivered funny vocals and lyrics, Robin, Salina, and Aura struggled to land their verses.

With their songs recorded and their group choreography finished, the ladies headed back to the werkroom to prepare for their Golden Gal girl group performance.



While getting glammed up, Sasha opened up about getting older as a trans woman and the rise of violence towards the trans community. 

“I treat [my age] as a badge of honour. Like, I know so many trans women that, like, don’t even make it to 30. It’s a blessing to just be able to like, live your life and still be kickin,” she explained. 

In an additional confessional, the LA-based queen reflected on her Māhū culture and the importance of persevering through opposition.

“I learned so much, not just from my drag mom and other aunties but all the things that we’ve had to go through as queer people,” she added.  



“It just hit me right there that I was just so focused on this competition that it – the – and realising, wow, like, I’m here, and I get to show the world the happy trans woman being her authentic self.” 

With their faces beat and their vocal cords warmed up, group one (Rockin Old Gs), group two (Old Dirty Bitches) and group three (Banjo Bitches) headed to the mainstage to perform their Golden Gal hearts out. 

After delivering comedic performances and showcasing their fierce “Tie-Dye to Die For” ensembles, Anetra, Jax, Robin, Aura, Mistress and Sasha were announced as the top and bottoms of the week. 

During critiques, Ru, Michelle, Ross and guest judge/GAY TIMES cover star Megan Stalter praised Sasha, Mistress, and Aura for their showstopping performances. Unfortunately, Jax, Anetra and Robin failed to capture the interest of the judges. 



In the end, Ru named Aura the winner of the maxi-challenge, which resulted in Jax and Robin landing in the bottom two. 

With their hearts on their sleeves, the two talents delivered a passionate performance to The Bangles’ hit track In Your Room. 

While both queens gagged the judges with their intricate and comedic routines, Jax was named the winner, and Robin was asked to sashay away.

“I definitely wish that I could have shown a more fun side, a more relaxed side. But I am happy to have been a part of this Drag Race journey. I’m one of the legendary girls now, darling,” Robin said in her exit confessional.

On next week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15, the queens will be starring in the reboot of the hit soap opera The Daytona Wind. What We Do In The Shadows star Harvey Guillén will also be stepping in as guest judge.



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