Drag Race’s Gia Gunn threw shade at the queens who attended this year’s DragCon by stating she saw “0 beauty” at the event.

DragCon took place in Los Angeles from 13 to 15 May for the first time since 2019, with some of the franchise’s biggest stars showing up to perform and/or meet fans.

“Say what you want but I saw 0 beauty at this year’s dragcon…what happened to the glamour?” Gia wrote on Twitter the day after the event concluded.

Stars from the show swiftly responded to her comment, with some finding it funny but others being less than happy about the tweet.

“Gia please never change lol,” said All Stars 3 winner Trixie Mattel.

Season 14 star Bosco added: “She is the funniest person in the world for this and I will be her biggest fan til the day I die.”


“A true comedy queen,” Shea Couleé stated.

Others were not as amused by the remark, with some slamming the queen for her “hurtful” statement.

Canada’s Drag Race star Océane Aqua-Black responded: “I think this tweet is a little bit hurtful and i say that with respect towards, you without attacking you. I put a lot of effort in my drag for my first DragCon like many people. I even waved at you and you passed me by and ignored me totally.”

“Babe gia is one of “those” girls like the other one you told me about lol… they don’t see it for ppl like us. Their loss,” Eve 6000 wrote back to her sister.

“Oh girl please,” added Drag Race France’s host, Nicky Doll.

Queen of the Universe runner-up Ada Vox was also critical of Gia and replied: “Damn… you saw everyone not serving beauty or glamour & I didn’t even know you were there… guess it’s better to be noticed and ‘unglamorous’ than beautiful and invisible.”

Farrah Moan called Gia a “true evil demon from hell queen,” resulting in the two feuding on Twitter.

“I know somebody that looks like the human embodiment of the scream mask didn’t just come for everybody’s drag con looks lol,” she said about Gia.

Gia was quick to clap back and posted a screenshot of the tweet alongside a message that read: “I know the girl/boy whatever you are who needs drama to stay relevant, is as inflamed as the pillsbury doughboy and shames sex workers is not trying to come for it. Don’t you have cigarettes and cocaine to be tending to my love?”

“Uh oh we’ve upset Miss ketamine continental 2022,” Farrah swiftly responded.

The backlash prompted Gia to issue a blanket response to the queens criticising her: “I’m an icon sweets, no need to stand in a barn stall waiting to get the life sucked out of me for pennies. I’ve learned conserving your energy is far more valuable than fame or any dollar amount. I give credit to all the queens who were visible this weekend! Enough said.”

Here’s how some of the Drag Race queens responded to Gia’s words: