Drag Race star Mirage has addressed her “awful” and emotionally gut wrenching elimination from season 16.

In the latest episode, Mirage failed to impress in her hosting duties in RDR! Live and did not make an impression on the final runway.

Consequently, she found herself second to be eliminated after a lip-sync showdown with Geneva Karr, who herself was in the bottom two for the second week running.

The Las Vegas queen fell to her knees as she began to process the reality of the elimination, in front of the background of bereft queens who were losing their sister.

“When they say the wind was taken out of your sails, it felt like, damn,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“I’m not sure I know how to articulate it. It was just so disappointing. I’ve never had that happen, I’m sure the House of Love cocktails had something to do with it, my dramatic response, and being a drag queen, we do love the drama.

“I just let it take over me. I’ve never been a very emotional person, I do not like crying, let alone in front of people I’ve never met, let alone on television. That was awful, and I was trying to hide.”

The queen confirmed that she was “probably” drunk after she had “slammed those drinks” prior to the Cher showdown. Despite Cher also being a Las Vegas showgirl, ‘Dark Lady’ was not a track that was known to Mirage: “I was afraid to admit that I’d never heard that song in my entire life, because it’s Cher!”

Mirage shared the “struggle” with learning the lyrics for a lip-sync and referred to it as the “hardest part of drag.”

She continued: “The music started and I remember turning around and facing the judges, and panic set in. I knew I didn’t know it. You don’t want to look RuPaul in the eye and not know her favourite artist. That was awful and embarrassing.”

Although her time was short and sweet, she became a huge fan-favourite after her performance at the first maxi-challenge of the season in the MTV Spring Break Talent Show. Mirage stunned fans and judges alike with her skilful and captivating heel-clack heavy original lip-sync.

“My drag performance style is a lot of floor work and heel clacking and a lot of rolling around the floor, of course. The Swiffer of Las Vegas,” she previously explained in a confessional.

Towards the end of her number, Mirage effortlessly landed in a split before executing a few more sickening heel-clacks on the mainstage.

The talent show track ‘She’s Such a Bitch’ is also doing impressively well on Spotify with over one million streams. Mirage explained how, although she thought “it was stupid, well, in a fun way”, she doesn’t think she “could do it again if I tried”.

On the next episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens will tackle Girl Groups week.