The queens reunited to spill all the tea on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Spoilers ahead

Ahead of the highly anticipated grand finale, the ladies of season 15 headed back to the main stage to discuss the show’s dramatic ups and downs and, most importantly, their sisterhood.

At the start of the reunion, Ru asked Mistress what she took away from this season – referencing the other queens claims that she would be most likely to steal things. 

“Um, you know, I took away so many lovely lessons, of course, Ru,” the Texas-based queen replied. 

When asked to elaborate, Mistress joked that she might have taken a “book or two and some earrings.” 

In an effort to turn attention away from herself, Mistress revealed that Anetra also took stuff from the Drag Race set.

“Look, season 16, the lights will be a little dim. Let’s just say that,” she added. 

The conversation then shifted to the franchise’s first twin queens, Sugar and Spice. 

After a brief montage, Ru asked the TikTok stars what they had learned from their experience.  

“I hate to be like Miss America, but honestly, I’ve learned that I’m way stronger than I think,” Sugar explained. “Going through this experience, you have to be mentally there, and if you’re not, it will show, and it will break you.”

Ru then asked Mistress why she had doubts about the queens at the start of the competition, to which she responded: “The Houston, Texas drag scene’s very traditional, and we really don’t have queens like Sugar and Spice.

“So in that aspect, I was kind of like, ‘Bitch stop playing in my profession. Drag is very serious to me, and I’m the fucking gatekeeper of drag.” 

Irene Dubois echoed similar sentiments before stating that she had to reevaluate her idea of drag since everyone’s style is so different. 

After Mistress delivered a hilarious definition of an “era,” Ru asked Loosey LaDuca and Luxx Noir London why there was so much tension between them. 

“I think we both just really, really wanted to win everything. And so when you get close, it sucks,” Loosey explained. 

The conversation then shifted to Loosey’s performance in Wigloose, which resulted in a special appearance from Footloose star Kevin Bacon.

“Hey, this is Kev with a message for Loosey. Hey, your performance is Wigloose was off the hook. Congratulations and lots of love,” he said in the video message. 

Ru then shined a spotlight on the season’s iconic lip-syncs, including the jaw-dropping battle between Anetra and Marcia Marcia Marcia. 

When asked about the unforgettable lip-sync, Marcia gave insight into what was going on in her head while she performed. 

“I said, you know what, we’re gonna strap on the performer boots, and we’re gonna just give it everything we’ve got, and if we’re gonna go out, we’re gonna go out kicking and back bending, I guess,” she explained. 

The conversation shifted to the LaLaPaRuza and some of the shady interactions between the queens. 

One highlighted moment was Mistress winning over Jax, and the lacklustre response from Loosey, Salina EsTitties and Marcia. 

“The lip sync between me and Jax is very – it’s two different types of performances, two different types of drag,” Mistress explained.

“I think in this day and age, a lot of queens and a lot of people at home are used to seeing people, kick, flip, and split.” 

While Mistress and even Jax admitted that their performances were “pretty balanced,” Salina and Loosey remained adamant that Jax deserved to win. 

“The reason why I said at the time, ‘Oh my god, I feel like you didn’t really give it,’ is because you were talking a really, really big game before the LaLaPaRuza,” Loosey said.

After putting to bed the LaLaPaRuza conversation, the conversation shifted to Robin Fierce and Amethyst’s pre-show romance. 

When asked about her thoughts on the matter, Robin said: “I think that I remember things how they happened, and some people have drag delusion, you know?” 

Amyethst added: “The chapter is closed. That’s all I have to say.”

Ru then asked Aura Mayari if she had any crushes on her fellow Drag Race competitors. 

“I’m gonna have to say I had a little crush on Princess Poppy,” she revealed.

After Aura admitted to Princess leaving a sexual note for her, the Tenneesse-based queen revealed that she was engaged. 

Elsewhere in the reunion, Ru and the queens talked about the various “gates” that took place during the season. 

When discussing Metalgate, Malaysia Baby Doll Foxx admitted to misreading some of Mistress and Luxx’s sarcasm and humour. 

“My biggest regret was, like calling them bullies because I know that sometimes that word can be a trigger, especially for the fanbase and easily make them targets, and they are far from that,” the Florida queen added.

For Heavengate, Ru asked Loosey why she thought the queens were coming for her. 

“I couldn’t tell you. The reason why I was so upset with Mistress at the time is that you had a role. You were sitting pretty. Like you should have been just good and happy,” she said. 

“So then when Luxx and I were discussing who should get the role, I was like, ‘Why is Mistress in this now? Like why she gotta cut up?'”

After Mistress explained why she thought Loosey was being fake during Heavengate, Luxx gave insight into why she gave up the role after winning the vote. 

“I feel like people have tried to twist it to me like, trying to twist some sort of mind game. I genuinely just say that Loosey was very upset that she didn’t get the role,” she explained. 

“So let me just give her the role so everybody’s happy because, at the end of the day, we all have to work together. But also, from a strategy standpoint, if she were to flub up on the lead, it would be a bigger flub on her part.” 

The queens then took a break from spilling the tea to celebrate Salina winning the prestigious Golden Boot Award for her Mettalica look. 

Following the hilarious moment, the conversation shifted to Luxx’s shocking speech on why Loosey should go home in episode 12. 

“In my head, I wanted to give like rhyme and reason to it, so that’s kind of why I did it,” the New Jersey queen explained. 

When asked how she felt about Luxx’s words, Loosey described the moment as “hurtful.” 

“I just don’t think it was necessary to punch down so much it hurt, it really hurt, and I respect your opinion. You can think I’m generic, but it would have hurt enough if you just called me generic,” she added. 

Towards the end of the reunion, Ru brought awareness to the toxic Drag Race social media discourse, including the hate that Mistress and Luxx experienced throughout the season.

“I definitely have had my fair share of hate comments. I block them. I don’t internalise them because they are all coming from people whose opinions don’t make any difference in my life,” Luxx said. 

Mistress added: “These people feel so attached to us, or they have underlying racism, or they’re fat-phobic or things like that. And I really feel like myself and Luxx, especially we constantly are like just getting attacked for just being ourselves, and I don’t regret any of it.” 

On next week’s episode of Drag Race, Sasha Colby, Luxx, Anetra and Mistress will be battling it out for the crown and title of America’s Next Drag Superstar.

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