We are LIVING for this! 

Beloved Drag Race UK contestant Cherry Valentine has revealed to fans what she would have worn for the “Monster Mashup” runway theme and we are shaking!

Taking to Instagram, Valentine showcased her outfit and its extraterrestrial glory in a series of posts with one caption stating: “The lady said MONSTER? Area 51 got stormed and this is what they found. She couldn’t handle the testing, but still wanted revenge from the grave.”

She continued: “For the monster mash-up runway I obviously immediately thought alien/zombie hybrid, filled with tubes, roaches, and neon internal SLIME.”

On top of her incredible outfit, Valentine revealed that she would have also done a “full vomit/pulsating slime show” on the runway.

We could only imagine the judge’s reactions to this iconic lewk.

“I love aliens, I think they are DEAD cool in all honesty though, maybe it was a good idea this wasn’t on the runway, imagine the clean up…”, Valentine concluded. 

When we spoke to the star after her exit, she gave us the scoop on what viewers could have expected if she stayed in the competition stating: ” You could’ve expected the unexpected! You best believe that I’m going to post every single look that I’ve created for the show. I’ve got things that have never been done before. There were some crazy crazy crazy runways that I planned, and some crazy things that I would’ve shown.”

On top of her detailed runway lewks she also unveiled who she would have done for the legendary Snatch Game.

“Gillian McKeith. It was a mix between Gillian McKeith, do you know when she did I’m a Celebrity? Or Nikki Grahame in the Big Brother house. It was going to be how I felt in the moment,” she said.

You can read our entire interview with Cherry Valentine here.

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