Malaysian rock band Bunkface released the homophobic track earlier this month.

Earlier this month, Malaysian rock band Bunkface used their new single, Akhir Zaman (the end of times) to come out as LGBTQ-hating extremists.

The song features the lyric, “LGBT boleh pergi mampus” – which is translated as “LGBT can go to hell” or “LGBT can go die”.

Despite the hateful lyrics, the song remained on platforms like Spotify, YouTube and Facebook for a worrying amount of time. However, this changed last week when the song was finally taken down.

The platforms cited rules around hate speech for why they finally acted.

Bunkface released a statement explaining the lyrics in the song, saying it was directed at “the growing LGBT+ movement in the world, especially in Malaysia.”

They added: “We’d like to express that we have no intention to hate or to promote hate to any individual.

“We’re only making it clear that we do not support the movement that tries to push on ‘rights’ for LGBT+ here in Malaysia, especially those whom are Muslims.

“The definition of Islam itself is to submit and to obey The Almighty and His rulings. Who are we to question those rulings?”

Their statement wasn’t well-received, with Shh…Diam!, a queer band in the country, writing on Instagram: “While we respect other bands as musicians, we’re saddened and disappointed that they would use music as a means to spread hatred.

“There is a strong political message in this song but it is lost in the anti-lgbt sentiment.

“Music is an escape for many impressionable youths and saying stuff like ‘pergi mampus lgbt (go to hell lgbt) is hurtful and discouraging and might encourage bullying and hate crimes.

“They might brush off what we’re saying, but bullying, depression and suicide are not funny. No one wants to be responsible for any of that.”

Currently, there are no LGBTQ rights in Malaysia, and homosexuality can be punished with a prison sentence of up to 20 years.