Tyler Oakley has paid homage to the iconic Jingle Bell Rock scene from Mean Girls.

To celebrate the festive season, the YouTuber enlisted the help of a choreographer to teach him and his other two friends, Nick and Austin, the hilarious dance routine from the cult comedy.

After a few trials and, erm, tribulations, the four embrace their inner Cady, Regina, Karen and Gretchen in their finest Christmas frocks – and the results are hilarious.

Watch the official gay version of Jingle Bell Rock below.

When we spoke to Tyler for our July issue earlier this year, he explained how he plans to use his platform and privilege to educate on LGBTQ issues across the world.

“I have my platform for many reasons, and a lot of them are from privileges that a lot of incredibly talented people who make much better videos than me do not have,” he told us.

“I take it seriously to use my platform to say I’m not going to speak for these communities, I’m going to literally hand over my microphone or hand over my camera and say ‘What would you say if you had the same audience and could speak to these people directly?’ That’s so important.”

He added: “While we are so wrapped up in what we’re trying to fight for in our local communities, we have to remember that our chosen family is truly global, and while we might be fighting for same-sex marriage in one part of the world, a lot of queer people are fighting just to exist in another part of the world.

“I just try to be mindful that the queer experience is not something that is uniform, and my privileges should not absolve me of working towards equality for people who don’t have the same privileges.”

You can purchase Tyler Oakley’s issue of Gay Times here.