“Dear Diary, my teen-angst bulls**t now has a body count.”

Paramount Network has released the trailer for the highly-anticipated TV adaptation of the 1988 cult classic, Heathers.

The iconic film starred Winona Ryder as Veronica Sawyer, Christina Slater as J.D, with Shannen Doherty, Lisanne Falk and Kim Walker as the infamous Heathers.

Its premise followed the only non-Heather of the group, Veronica Sawyer, as she embarks on a rampage against the school after falling for Christian Slater’s sociopathic character. Because love equals murder, duh.

Heathers received critical acclaim upon release, and has influenced other films in the teenage comedy/drama genre such as Jawbreaker and Mean Girls. Oh, and it was also adapted into a musical, and now, a TV reboot. See? Iconic.

The red band trailer for the contemporary revival introduces us to the new and diverse Heathers trio – black lesbian Heather McNamara (Jasmine Matthews), plus-size, body-positive Heather Chandler (Melanie Field) and gender-queer Heather Duke (Brendan Scannell).

Under the Dome actress Grace Victoria Cox takes on the role of Veronica Sawyer, with James Scully as J.D.

Excitingly – as you’ve seen from the trailer – original star Shannen Doherty is set to make an appearance on the show. Her role, at this point, is unknown. Now can we get Winona Ryder please?

Heathers will premiere 7 March on Paramount Network.