The critically acclaimed series is set to head for Kansas City, Missouri for its third season.

Netflix has confirmed that Queer Eye is returning for a third season. Details are currently thin on the ground, but we do know that the series will be moving away from Atlanta, Georgia and heading to Kansas City, Missouri.

The first two seasons were able to deal with tough topics like homophobia in religion, racism and police brutality, however it’s unknown whether this new season will continue highlighting these issues, but we’d bet that it will.

In the last season, two wishes of the Fab Five were granted as they made over a woman, Miss Tammye – or Mama to some – as well as a transgender person, in this case Skyler who is a transgender man. Hopefully there will be other firsts in this new season as well.

The announcement of the third season came not long after the series received four Emmy nominations for Best Structured Reality Program.

In a fun announcement video, the Fab Five are driven to Kansas City by the show’s grooming expert, Jonathan van Ness. The rest of the Fab Five are clearly in fear of van Ness’s driving, but they eventually make it safely to their destination.

It’s not yet known when Season 3 will air, but if you can’t wait to see the Fab Five again, the two previous seasons can be streamed over Netflix.

Netflix also released a mini episode set in the town of Yass in Australia. In a two-for-one special, Jonathan, Tan and Karamo make over a man called George. At first, it seems like the Fab Five are going to have a struggle on their hands, as George doesn’t even feel comfortable hugging them.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Antoni help revitalise the community by making over the town’s small bistro, which the owners, Rachel and Mark, want to become a pillar of the community.

And if that’s not enough for you, then Netflix has also released a Queer Eye and Nailed It crossover episode. We see the likes of Jonathan van Ness, Nicole Byer, Karamo Brown and Jacques Torres interact with each other, and it’s everything we never knew we needed.

Antoni joins Nicole and Jacques as a guest-judge because of his experience in the kitchen, while the other four attempt to recreate themselves on a cupcake.