“Thank you for everything. I am growing.”

Dalton Harris has taken to Twitter to discuss his sexuality and struggles with suicidal thoughts, stating: “I had a deep realization last night. The only reason I didn’t take my life today is because I spoke with GOD and I decided to make the biggest change I will ever make in my life.”

He continued: “I want to live my life not running away from pain inflicted on me or the pain I inflict on anyone.”

The X Factor winner went on to reveal that he made a decision to change his life and “live better”.

“I want to be happy and truly smile […] I want to experience life and be honest with myself and everyone around me in my intentions. Not hide or mask feelings and or flaws,” he said.

Dalton Harris first wowed viewers back in 2018 during his time on the 15th series of The3 X Factor. He delivered show-stopping performances of Purple Rain, Listen and I Have Nothing to name a few.

Since then he has gone on to release an array of tracks and amassed millions of streams.

Harris also addresses the haters and homophobic Twitter users, stating: “Privacy and honesty are different things and no one is entitled to ME. I will never ask for acceptance from anyone that struggles to accept me in the slightest bit. That is done and over with.

“To the boys with fragile egos, I am a TOP to you and your girlfriend. Or non-binary partner.”

The Power Of Love singer then went on to post the photo of the pansexual flag.

We absolutely stan Dalton Harris for his bravery!