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Pop icon Ariana Grande has had an exciting and monumental career since her debut in 2013. The songstress has delivered a total of six distinct and unique music eras that have beautifully chronicled her journey as an artist.

From the sweet ’60s inspired Yours Truly to the smooth R&B-pop sounds of thank u, next, Ari’s music has effortlessly evolved and matured over the years. One of the star’s many talents is the ability to incite excitement for her music releases. Each one of her albums have been supported by iconic lead singles that helped set the tone and vibe for what was to come.

Check out our ranking below.

6. The Way (Yours, Truly)

Can you say classic? The Way was the first single that really brought Miss Grande into the pop spotlight. While many knew of Ari and her Victorious character Cat, the iconic single helped distinguish the music artist from the actress. Plus, Mac Miller’s rap stays in our head rent-free. 

5. No Tears Left to Cry (Sweetener)

From the minute Grande teased the track back in 2018 with the caption “ʎɹɔ oʇ ʇɟǝl sɹɐǝʇ ou 4.20” we were sold. Little did we know this track would mark a major transition in her career, sonically. After everything that happened prior to its release, No Tears Left to Cry effortlessly showcased a different Ari with a new story to tell. 

4. Problem (My Everything)

Problem will forever represent the summer of 2014. The minute we heard the opening trumpets and jazzy pop production, we were hooked. The song also features rapper Iggy Azalea, who a few months prior topped the Billboard Hot 100 with her the Charli XCX-assisted single Fancy. Its 60s inspired video for the single was also unforgettable. 

3. Dangerous Woman (Dangerous Woman)

This single comes third in our list because it’s commanding and the ultimate slow-burn bop. The single ushered in a more mature and sexually liberated side to Grande that we saw glimpses of in her My Everything era. With its powerful production, flirtatious lyrics and show-stopping vocals, Dangerous Woman has become one of Grande’s strongest singles yet.  

2. Positions (Positions)

When Ari announced new music two weeks ago, we just about flipped our shit. She had already given us two studio albums, a tour, and an accompanying album in the past two years. Our Ariana Grande appetite was full… or that’s what we thought. On Positions, Grande dives deeper into the R&B realm and showcases her versatility as an artist. Its accompanying video also stands out as an instant classic with its presidential theme. 

1. Thank U, Next (Thank U, Next)

Closing out our list is Ari’s most iconic single to date. Thank U, Next is not only a bop sonically but a self-love anthem that will never not be needed. Grande is unapologetic and confident while poking fun at her romantic history. The Thank U, Next era showcased Ari at her most centered, and don’t even get us started on the legendary video.