A brand new trailer for Life Size 2 has been released.

18 years after Tyra Banks first stepped into the shoes of living doll Eve, the supermodel is finally giving fans what they’ve been waiting for by reprising her role for a long-overdue Life Size sequel.

The original Disney Channel film became a cult classic, thanks to Tyra’s performance as doll-brought-to-life Eve and the casting of Lindsay Lohan in the lead role, who’d just come off the back of her success in The Parent Trap.

A clip from the sequel, shared by Tyra on her Instagram, sees several Eve dolls discussing the threat of discontinuation, which would mean all of the Eve dolls that have been brought to life will no longer exist.

Life Size 2 will feature Grown-ish star Francia Raisa as Grace Manning, the 20-something CEO of Marathon Toys, the company started by her mother that’s best known for manufacturing the Eve doll.

As Grace struggles with a “quarter-life crisis”, her old Eve doll is brought back to life to offer advice and help her become the leader she needs to be.

While it’s been confirmed that co-star Lindsay Lohan won’t be making a return for the sequel, Tyra has teased that there will be a surprise in store for fans of the original.

“There’s something beautiful we do with Lindsay in this movie that’ll speak to die-hard fans,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I can’t say how, but you will see something!”

Watch the trailer for Life Size 2 below.

Life Size 2 premieres in the US on Sunday 2 December on Freeform.

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