The first full trailer for Blumhouse’s new conversion therapy slasher film, They/Them (pronounced “They Slash Them”), has been released and it is looking spooky.

The film follows a group of young queer people at a conversion therapy camp in the woods when a masked killer starts terrorizing them.

The Politician star Theo Germaine stars as Jordan, a nonbinary young person trying to get emancipated from their unsupportive parents, meanwhile other campers include Alexandra (Quei Tann), a trans girl whose parents are threatening to kick her out; Toby (Austin Crute), a gay camper who traded a week at camp for trip to New York, and Veronica (Monique Kim), a bisexual woman who wants to stop fighting who she is.

The film also stars Kevin Bacon as Owen Whistler, the director of the conversion therapy camp who is helping the campers “find a new sense of freedom”.

We first got a glimpse of the film in a short, one-minute teaser back in June but in the new, two-minute trailer released 20 July, we get some specifics on the tone of the camp.

The trailer emphasises the actual methods of the camp counsellors besides the mysterious murderer in the woods, as well as nods to the film punny title. After Bacon’s Owen directs campers to the boys and girls cabins, we meet Jordan, who tells him, “I use they/them pronouns, as in…‘they can’t believe they’re at this camp.’”

There are also flashes of abusive therapy sessions, someone being strapped into a chair, explorations of “traditional gender roles,” and tons of terrified faces.

“They welcome them, they see them, they hear them, they fear them,” the trailer taunts, before cutting to the film’s bloodstained title.

They/Them is released on Peacock on 5 August. Watch the trailer below.