A burrito to go with your marriage proposal? Sounds perfect to us…

He may be one of the most famous fashion designers in the world with access to the fanciest restaurants around, but for his marriage proposal, Marc Jacobs decided to keep things high street.

The designer arranged for a flashmob to dance along to Prince’s classic hit Kiss in a branch of Chipotle they popped into on a night out.

But the surprises for Charly Defrancesco – who was celebrating his birthday – didn’t stop there.


As the group finished their performance, Marc got down on one knee to propose to his partner.

Charly agreed to be his husband as the restaurant cheered their engagement. This is truly stuff of dreams, people.

“Thank you everyone for making this happen. And to my Ride or Die fiance I love you,” Jacobs posted.

Congratulations, guys!

We’re guessing there’s going to be burrito bowls for all on the big day.