The Fab Five are heading to Japan!

After four incredible seasons of making viewers laugh and cry with heartwarming makeovers across the United States, Queer Eye’s Jonathan, Tan, Karamo, Bobby and Antoni are about to embark on an entirely new adventure.

On 1 November, Queer Eye: We’re In Japan! will premiere on Netflix. The four-episode mini-series will see the Fab Five take their unique areas of expertise – as well as their message of inclusivity and self-love – to Tokyo to give makeovers to a brand new lineup of heroes.

Model, actress and singer Kiko Mizuhara will act as the Fab Five’s guide in every episode, while comedian and fashion designer Naomi Watanabe will be a special guest, helping them navigate their way around the new location.

“In just a year since we launched season one, Queer Eye has become a global phenomenon once again and the Fab Five are truly the ambassadors of self-care and compassion that the world needs now more than ever,” said David Collins, creator and executive producer of the series.

“Filming in Japan is a wonderful opportunity for us to work with four deserving heroes that will help showcase the incredible traditions and customs of their country.”

Watch the first trailer (in Japanese) here or below.

Queer Eye: We’re In Japan! will premiere 1 November, 2019 on Netflix.