REYNA have unveiled their first ever music video.

The American duo – sisters Vic and Hannah Gabriela Banuelos – concoct a cake with a love potion for their pink dominated Heartbeat video, which includes a male love interest and a female love interest for the former.

When we spoke to Vic last year, she opened up on how she came to terms with her sexuality and the difficulties she faced coming out to her family.

“Coming out for me was so traumatic and heartbreaking, so all of those feelings and emotions have influenced the way that I write, which is probably where Spill Your Colours came from,” she told us.

“My sister is super supportive, and it’s impacted her life, because we had wars in our family over this. You have to take a side. It’s definitely added a dynamic to our music.”

Vic added: “Once I realised that I was gay and I came out to my parents… We are a very Christian family. We grew up in the church, so it was a huge blow to my parents.

“I think it took them maybe six or seven years to kind of be okay with it. I got married last year, and I think that was the moment when my parents were like, ‘Oh my god, all these people are here and they’re okay with it?’ So it was like validation for them.”

Heartbeat is REYNA’s eighth release so far, following massive pop anthems such as Baby Forget It, Cool With It and Matinee. Their debut EP is due for release later this year.

Watch the video for Heartbeat below.

Heartbeat is now available on iTunes and streaming services.