Bronze Avery has dropped the video for his dance-pop banger, Want 2.

Directed by Shawn Bender, the clip sees the Orlando-based artist and four other queer dancers serving a choreographed routine (with the help of Joe DeSantis) to their attractive dance teacher, who Bronze seems quite taken with.

Speaking to Paper, Bronze explained why he was the only person of colour in the video.

“Representation is important to me,” he said. “For this video, the focus was showcasing my talent as a Black, queer pop artist.

“To me, this video shows that queer people of color are pioneering their way to the forefront of pop music, rather than just being cast to fill a racial quota.”

When we spoke to Bronze last year, he told us how the tragic events of Orlando helped shape him as a queer musician.

He told us: “I had a lot of special memories with my friends there, so it was extremely difficult. This happened before I was even Bronze Avery, which was another motivation.

“Life is too short to not be out within my music. There are so many people that can really benefit from this.

“Now, as I’m getting older, I’m realising that I’m the person who needs to speak out and I’m the person who needs to say something and say things are not okay with our current political climate.”

Read our full interview with Bronze here, and watch his sickening video for Want 2 below.

Want 2 by Bronze Avery is available on iTunes and streaming services.