Now sissy that walk!

A brand new season of Dancing With The Stars has begun in America, and this time the cast is made up entirely of athletes, including Tonya Harding, Josh Norman, and everyone’s favourite figure skater Adam Rippon.

“I am Adam Rippon. I am the first openly gay Winter Olympian. I was in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, and I won a bronze medal in the figure skating team event,” Adam explained during his introduction clip.

“My Olympic experience was everything I ever wanted it to be. This experience, dancing in front of America, now that the opportunity has come about, it’s time to seize the moment.”

For their first dance, Adam and partner Jenna Johnson took on the cha-cha, but true to his outrageous nature, the Olympic figure skater switched things up to the sound of RuPaul’s Sissy That Walk, complete with a sprinkling of voguing.

Their performance earned them a total of 24 out of 30 points from the judges – the highest score of the night.

“The angel of the ballroom, with the hip action of a devil. Everything I liked. This guy can strike a pose… or seven. But Im telling you what is amazing is the finish of your line and the synchronicity with your partner,” said judge Bruno.

“On week one, to achieve that level, is quite extraordinary.”

Watch Adam and Jenna’s routine below.