This video is flipping unbelievable…

If he’s not trying out extreme yoga poses or testing his flexibility with Tom Daley, then Nile Wilson is usually trying out other extreme challenges with fellow gymnasts.

In his latest video, Nile and his teammates, Ashley Watson and Luke Stoney attempt to get into a pair of shorts in the strangest ways possible.

The video starts off tame with just a simple backflip, but as it goes on, it starts to get more and more complicated. Nile starts doing sideflips and double backflips off of a trampoline, before his teammates finally attempt the double backflip.

And for the final flip, we’d say that Ashley is the one who manages to pull it off best.

We warn you now, however, that with plenty of ripped bodies on display, some viewers may find it difficult to focus on the athletic prowess.

Wow. And as one person commented: “Can they try that again now with a pair of swim trunks?” We’re sure that’s something no one would have any complaints about.

Nile can be followed on Instagram here, and Ashley and Luke can be followed here and here respectively.

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