YouTube / Them

“Drag on a dime in no time!”

13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman got into “proper drag for the first time” during a new video from Them, and they had the help of fashion icon and RuPaul’s Drag Race season seven winner Violet Chachki to make them look stun.

“Since I took so long making myself look perfect today, we’re gonna rush your makeup, because that’s really the Haus of Chachki… I come first,” Violet joked at the start of the video, before promising a “fashion alien” makeover for Tommy.

In the video, the pair revealed that their relationship goes way prior to the video as they went to rival high schools in Atlanta and met on MySpace, and also spoke about their gender identities and pronouns.

As well as getting their face painted by Violet, Tommy got cinched in a corset and even attempted to tuck, as Violet joked: “Pain is beauty if you want to slay. Try to smash your dick down.”

See the incredible finished results in the video here or below.