Get ready, Troye Sivan fans!

After blessing us with the brilliant debut single My, My, My! and a further two promo tracks The Good Side and Bloom, the fantastically queer Australian singer-songwriter has finally announced the release date of his sophomore album.

And he did it in possibly the best way possible.

During friend and fellow artist Taylor Swift’s second sold out show at the Rose Bowl on Saturday night, the country-cum-pop singer brought out Troye for a surprise performance of aforementioned single My, My, My!

At the end of the performance, Taylor helped her friend announce that his new album, Bloom, will be released on 31 August – delighting fans (including us) who were wondering if the album would ever be coming out.

The album takes the same name as his latest single, Bloom, which has a rather cheeky meaning.

Fans already knew about the track as Aussie pop prince previously spoke about during an interview, where he seemingly hinted at the real meaning behind the lyrics.

Nope, it’s not about his penchant for flower arranging or a certain British actor, but rather about gay sex. Bottoming, to be exact.

Asked by Dazed if that was the true meaning behind the song, Troye coyly replied with a wink: “It’s 100 per cent about flowers! That’s all it is.

“Call it whatever you wanna call it. I wanna play that song at every Pride. There’s almost a radicalism in just truth, you know? The most radical thing that I can do is share how happy I am.”

The lyrics in question include: ““It’s true, babe / I’ve been saving this for you / Promise me you’ll hold my hand if I get scared now / Might tell you to take a second baby slow it down / You should know I bloom, I bloom just for you.”

We’ll leave it up to you to decide what Troye’s really singing about.