“You’re slutty!”

On the latest episode of VH1 series Brunch With Tiffany, reality TV legend Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard sat down with Drag Race champion Trixie Mattel and a whole lot of mimosas to discuss makeup, touring life, Shangela, and their experiences with weed.

“I’ve taken a strong edible at Dollywood and flipped out,” Trixie said when asked if she’s ever partaken. “I smoked weed once and it was with Latrice Royale, and of course it was her backwoods, scary voodoo weed.

“Girl, the smoke was green. Like, you took a puff and the smoke was in the shape of a skull. And it made me extremely horny. When I talk to people who smoke weed, they’re like, ‘What!?’”

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Tiffany replied: “That’s always gonna happen. Even when you smoke low-grade shit, if you have a little bit of ‘hoe’ in your DNA, you’re gonna get horny when you smoke weed. That happens to me.”

Continuing her story, Trixie added: “I hooked up with a guy from an app, and he had a blue beard, and I woke up with blue paint on my butt.”

Elsewhere, the pair talked about celebrities’ newfound obsession with drag queens, with Trixie explaining: “When you get famous, you lose your edge, but as drag queens we represent people who walk the line between fame and being counterculture.

“That’s why celebrities love us, they get in the mainstream and everyone knows them. For drag queens, we get to be in drag, then take the wig off and be nobody.”

Watch Trixie and Tiffany’s full conversation here or below.