The series featured a same-sex kiss, although this was only for “revenge.”

Netflix’s latest dating show which is taking over people’s lives is Too Hot to Handle, a series which sees ten people placed on an island and tasked with not sleeping with each other, in order to build an emotional connection, and win a cash prize.

The series also bans the contestants from other sexual acts like kissing and masturbation. Any violation of the rules leads to money being taken away from the final jackpot.

Too Hot to Handle did feature one same-sex kiss between contestants Francesca Farago and Haley Cureton, and although this was splashed all over promotional material, the kiss boiled down to the pair seeking revenge on the other contestants. What adds more insult to injury is that Haley admitted she was open to relationships with both men and women.

And now the show’s narrator, American comedian Desiree Burch, has revealed her curiosity about the show becoming more inclusive if future seasons are commissioned.

Speaking to the Radio Times, she said: “I would be curious to see how they augment a second series of it – do we go more multinational to different cultures and countries? Do we have more people with different sexualities involved in it, is there a combination of that that would make it work?”

She added: “I think there’s so many different ways to do this experiment because I think it just shows everybody who watches it a lot more about the humanity and emotionality and the vulnerability that comes into play when you’re talking about sex and connection.

“The act of sex is such a pie wedge percentage of what sexuality and connection actually entails and so I think we get to see more of that [in the series] as we watch them try not to perform the act.”

Dating shows are notoriously bad at representing LGBTQ couples, with every year bringing around the debate of whether Love Island should become more inclusive.

Love is Blind showrunner Chris Coelen also said that LGBTQ couples on the show could cause “some logistical difficulties in the current setup” although the series has slightly backtracked from that statement.

Too Hot to Handle is available to stream on Netflix now.