Tommy Genesis is back with a banger.

It’s been one year since the queer Canadian rapper dropped her incredible self-titled debut album (we still bop to Play Wit It even now), and she’s celebrating by releasing a new song called Cinderelly.

“Money makes the world go round, but paper makes the pussy drown, happy ending for the bitch in the mirror, my best friend still the bitch in the mirror,” she raps on the twerk-ready track.

Listen to Cinderelly here or below.

We spoke to Tommy last year where she discussed homophobia in hip-hop, being in control of her artistry, and how she doesn’t conform to gender norms.

She told us: “The minute you say you’re LGBTQ, they’ll put you in a box. I just think that the way media has perceived our community, outside of our community, is just very stereotypical. It happens everywhere.

“They’re so ready to put us in this one specific stereotype, and the reality is, is that we’re diverse and we’re different types of people.”

Tommy added: “Gender for the media is very black and white. You’re either masculine or feminine. You’re either happy or you’re a cunt. You either care or you don’t. No, actually, how I identify is masculine and feminine.

“I’m not confused about my gender and I’m not confused about my identity. People can’t understand that.”